Maurizio Nardi, former Principal with the Martha Graham Dance Company, teaching Graham during Graham in UK, July 2018

Maurizio Nardi, former Principal with the Martha Graham Dance Company, teaching Graham during Graham in UK, July 2018

List of Graham teachers in the UK -

(London, Newcastle upon Tyre)

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Robert Cohen

Robert Cohan joined the Martha Graham Dance Company in 1946 and left it 23 years later when he was invited by Robin Howard to become the first Artistic Director of the Contemporary Dance Trust in London and as such was the founder Artistic Director of The Place, London Contemporary Dance School and London Contemporary Dance Theatre, which he directed for over 20 years. 

No one has had a greater influence on the development of dance in Britain than Cohan. Having pioneered the teaching of contemporary dance technique in Britain, he was instrumental in the development of a vast following, not only for the repertory of LCDT but through his pioneering residencies held throughout the country, for the many other British companies which followed. From 1980 to 1990 he acted as the Artistic Advisor to the Batsheva Dance Company and choreographed several works for them and the Bat Dor Company in Israel. 


Paul Liburd

Paul Liburd studied Graham Technique at the London School of Contemporary Dance. He was a member of London Contemporary Dance Theatre, Irek Mukhamadov & Dancers, Rambert Dance Company and Scottish Ballet as a soloist.

Paul has taught at a number of UK dance schools, also guest taught Phoenix Dance Theatre, Michael Clarke Dance Company, Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures Company, David Hughes Dance, Rambert Dance Company and Yorke Dance Project.

He teaches Graham Technique at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance 


Genevieve Grady



Eliot Smith


Marcia Edwards

Marcia Edwards graduated in 2001 from the Northern School Of Contemporary Dance in Leeds West Yorkshire. She did her dissertation in Dance as Education and gained a Pttls qualification. ME Dance company is based on the contraction and release techniques of Martha Graham

After working in schools, colleges and universities, Marcia created her own training classes and performance company. Her  classes are open to youth and professional dancers aged 13-18+ 



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